Billing audit is the process of evaluating the practice overall performance in which you can find the errors and mistakes. An audit is a necessary to figure out the practice flaws but also for the growth of the practice.

BSCH is here offer free of cost your practice audit for your practice growth.

BSCH is the best qaulity service provider and offering the free of cost audit for your practice growth. If you’re interested, please contact us.


To evaluate the practice performance, certain things are necessary which are mentioned below.

  • Schedualed vs Cancelled Claims Report
  • Schedualed vs Billed Claims Report
  • Billed vs Unbilled Claims Report
  • Progress/Soap Notes, Lab Reports & X-Rays
  • Charges vs Payment Reports
  • Major CPT Codes Monthly Reports
  • Reporting CPT Codes Report for Incetive Programs
  • Monthly Payment Reports
  • AR Reports
  • Denials Reports
  • Adjustments Reports


  • Compliance of Coding as per CMS Guidelines.
  • Flow of the practice claims
  • Figure out the exact practice volume and payment
  • Avoid the Future Denials
  • Increase the Practice efficiency
  • Increase the Practice Collections
  • Set the Benchmark
  • Helping the Biller and Coder
  • Set the guidelines for Incentive Programs
  • Set the Billing Guidelines
  • Helping out to low the volume of Claims in AR.

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